Video presentation of some reflections on my forthcoming paper in the Journal of Population Ageing.
Trailer video for my course “Science and Justice” made during the Omicron lockdown in winter 2022
Video presentation of Essay in Oct. 2012 issue of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine:
Online video lecture for POLS 250 titled “Why learn anything?”.  The video aspires to help motivate my students to engage with the history of political thought.
Paper presented at the Social Philosophy and Policy Conference in Tucson, Arizona (Jan. 2013)
Video presentations on aging and longevity science (1st video is short, 2nd video is long):
Video presentation of “Patriarchy and Historical Materialism”:
Play and Politics video:
“3 Wishes” Video (my personal favourite):
Presentation of Ottawa talk on the humanities and natural sciences (May 2013)
Places I have lived:


Hamilton, Ontario (where I grew up)


Bristol, England


Aberdeen, Scotland


Birmingham, England


Manchester, England

(I worked in Manchester but actually lived in a small town nearby called “Cheadle”).


Waterloo, Ontario


Oxford, England


Los Angeles, CA

Manoa Hawaii


Kingston, Ontario

About colinfarrelly

I am a Professor and Queen's National Scholar in the Dept of Political Studies at Queen's University.
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